6 port PoE Switch
6 port PoE Switch

6 port PoE Switch


This powered switch has 6 ports and is capable of running power and data to 4 CleverLoop cameras and data to a Base Station.

A great solution if you don’t have a power point near where you want to put your camera but can get a data cable to that location from your router.

The 6 connections on the switch are:

  • a WLAN port, for connecting to your existing router / modem
  • 4 PoE LAN ports, to provide a power and data connection to CleverLoop cameras
  • and an NVR port, to provide data only connection for Base Station

 For each outdoor camera you want to power from this switch you need one Outdoor Camera PoE Accessory 

 For each indoor camera you need one Indoor Camera PoE Accessory